Content Production

To reach a target audience in a competitive market, you not only tell stories that cut through the clutter, you have to present the audience with the when, the where, and the how.
At Black Ink Media, we are passionate about innovative approaches to content creation and development based on forward strategic framework and stories that resonate with your target audiences. We also tell stories across multiple media to ensure that we can reach the audience where ever whether they are or whatever way they chose, whether reading, watching or just checking in.

Tell us what you need and we’ll quickly turn around intelligent, well-researched content that meets your requirements.

Copy Writing (SEO)
Blogs and Articles
Corporate content
Editing and Proofreading
Social content & campaigns
Website Content
Film and video
Influencer content
Email/ newsletter
User-generated content
Journalistic Content
Whitepapers and eBooks
Screenplay & Scripts (TV &Audio)

What do we need?

Content type (blog post, ghostwriting, social content etc.)
Word count & length
Any required keywords
Style, tone, voice of content
Topics to include
Examples of similar work
A clear and instructional brief

Why “high-quality, original content” Matters

Project a clear voice or message
Increase brand visibility & awareness
Attract new clients & retain current ones
Create loyalty & trust
Build authority, credibility & value
Demonstrate expertise in your field
Improve SEO ranking